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      I’ve been wanting one years. Can’t get them in Missouri so I traveled to Dallas, Texas to get one at Super Komart.

      So, I got the Dimchae, which is the company that invented the original Kimchi refrigerator and has about 80% share of the market.

      The menu options are in Korean! I don’t read korean so with the help of the owner’s manual, which is in English, plus with some help from the very friendly sales associate, I was able create an English version and have it close to the fridge as a reference.

      You see my Kimchi babies resting nicely on long term storage setting. This is regular napa cabbage Kimchi.

      Next you see ponytail radish Kimchi which is set to 24 hour fermentation mode. I just made it with Maangchi’s help, of course. Now it needs some nice fermentation!

      I think maybe I’m the first non Asian guy to have this! What do you think?

      My wife is now very grateful that I will no longer smell.up the regular fridge!

      Anyone else have one or thinking of getting one?

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      Oh that is so completely awesome. You are truly a die-hard fan. You have got to be the only male, non-Asian in Missouri, if not all of the the U.S. To have such an appliance. Somewhere in Seoul, there is a housewife who just got a brand new table saw.

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      Haha, Lynn. I think you’re right! You should have seen the look of disbelief from the quizzical korean ladies at the store who were amazed that a white guy likes Kimchi and the see their faces when I tell them I make it and then see their face when I tell them I was buying a dimchae! I’m a weirdo! But is it not all worth it to have the very best Kimchi at your convenience! ?

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      Yes, it’s true we are an odd bunch of kimchi devotees. I agree with you that it is worth it to have kimchi exactly how you like it, any time you want it. My roommates would rejoice if I ever bought a dimchae! Keep up your good work of breaking stereotypes.

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      I certainly will! Now I’m looking forward to making white kimchi. I was just looking at Maangchi’s recipe for that today. It looks delicious and would make an excellent side dish to a spicey main dish, not to mention add more variety to what’s available in the Dimchae!

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      Granny Phoenix

      Congratulations. I am so envious. I am just now buying all the staples for changing my regular diet to Korean foods. My fridge and cabinets are stuffed! I think I will begin checking prices for a second refrigerator I will keep in my cool basement. What temperature should my kimchi’s be kept at? I would appreciate the info.

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      Radam씨는 안녕하세요!

      Haha! Very nice! You are not alone! There’s another white guy out there with a kimchi fridge! In my case it’s a “do it yourself” version!

      Kimchi Refrigerator!


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      That is an awesome, beautiful kimchi fridge. Where can you buy one of those?

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