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    I like this place for Naeng Myun, can you believe I drive all the way from SOHO New York for this. But the bonus is that on Broad Street there are so many delicious Korean restaurants and caterers. I always bring home too much Korean food, but my family loves it.


    135 Broad Ave.

    Palisades Park, NJ 07650



    thanks for the tip, tweety. we love naeng myun. it’s a great summertime soup. i live nearby so i’ll have to check it out soon.

    does “you chun” have bbq tables? i haven’t had a good meal of bulgogi or sae woo gui in a while.

    along the same block is my family’s favourite koren bbq joint, called “so moon nan jip”. if you like korean bbq, give it a (joo mul) look. ?:>)



    I’d love to get more reviews from NJ, as I don’t know much about the area. I thought Fort Lee was the main NJ Koreatown? Is there much going on in Palisades Park?



    hi stanford.

    actually, downtown pal park has the largest concentration in a square mile of korean restaurants in the unites states. roughly 37% of the population of the town claim to be of korean descent.

    i remember that the town passed an ordinance a number of years ago requiring store owners post the name and address of the business in english on the storefront so that emergency services could quickly locate where 911 calls came from.

    here’s a good article describing pal park:




    Thanks buckytom. Looks like I need to check this out.

    I’ll post some reviews afterwards, and let you know what I find.



    Ok I got a chance to go to Palisades Park and have some naengmyun at You Chun.

    This place was packed! Every table was taken, this is at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. Pretty much every customer was Korean, many of them directly from the old country. I had naengmyun and steamed mandu, the mandu was excellent, the naengmyun very good, probably 4/5 stars. It was a little lacking in flavor but overall quite good. I’d recommend it to anyone.

    There are a ton of places there on Broad St, but of course I was too full to try any of them. Hopefully someone will review a few more places from the area (buckytom, you still there?) and I promise to add a few more reviews myself.



    yup, still here stanford.

    i’m glad you enjoyed your afternoon. i’ll definitely have to hit you chun soon. i think my family would love steamed mandu.

    next time, check out the place i mentioned above, so moon nan jip. it’s widely considered the best korean bbq in new jersey. i’m hoping we can get to pal park this weekend.



    Ok buckytom, I’ll check out so moon nan jip next time I go to NJ and report back here. Sounds good already!

    Thanks for the recommendation.



    Thanks for the info I didn’t realize that Palisades Park which is closer to me than Fort Lee has a lot of Korean Restaurants.

    I will definitely check it out, thanks everyone for your suggestions.



    Oh man I want to get up to Palisades Park NJ. I live in West Chester, PA so I guess it wouldn’t take too long to get there but is it really worth the drive? I currently only go to Upper Darby, PA which is about an hour away. I wonder why a good Korean restauranteur, wouldn’t build one in a younger urban area?

    I really think it’d be like Field of Dreams, Build it and they will come. Oh well, one of these days I’ll get up to NJ to visit for some Good Korean BBQ.

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