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      Hello all…..

      My name is Cheri and I am so excited to find this webpage, videos and forums.

      I was watching the Food Network and Guy was making Korean food one day and was making a fast and easy kimchee for a recipe, I have heard Bobby and Alton also refer to it in the past and have wanted to make it. Laughing, I bought a store brand once years ago, in a package and was to afraid to try it. The lady said its so good and hot.

      Well besides all that I decided to look for a recipe and found Maangchi’s site and wasn’t sure on the rice porridge part so I went to another site and made kimchee with vinegar like pickled cabbage. Well it came out good but was not what I was looking for. Next time read all the directions and don’t go to other sites. Laughing.

      The next month I searched again and found her site and made such a good Kimchee, I am so addicted to it. I don’t seem to like it cold thou. Warm is the best for me. My teenage son wants it all the time. I read an article somewhere that Koreans eat 40 lbs or so a year each. I can see it. I found this site after feeling dramatic changes in my health from eating it and said to my kids. I wonder if there are any fat Koreans cause this stuff is making me loss weight. No insults intended,

      Oh I could type all day on Maangchi’s awesomeness in bringing all these wonderful videos. I have been watching all I can get this past week. I even want to try squid. LOL This week is black bean noodles and spice rice cakes. Sigh….my son is tired of running to the Korean store , I and my pocket book are hoping this is the last run for basic supply’s like soybean paste and rice flour for a few months

      Thank you much for your time and dedication to teaching us all these great recipes.

      Cheri aka Aashame

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      Welcome Aashame:)

      To answer your question;

      ” I wonder if there are any fat Koreans cause this stuff is making me lose weight.”

      Of course there are some fat koreans, but according to the following link korea is the second leanest nation to provide data to the global obesity statistics.

      However obesity is on the rise in korea (just like the rest of the world), and on the whole you could say koreans are getting fatter.

      The reasons for this are the changes in diet and exercise.

      Koreans are eating more processed food, are snacking more in between meals and it has become more common to opt for non-traditional meals. Perhaps portion sizes are becoming larger as well.

      Then there is the change in energy expenditure; a lot of people have gone from physical labour to sitting behind a desk and crunching numbers.

      There have never been this many food options in korea, and not all of it is bad, but a lot of those new options are either too sugary, starchy or salty.

      On the flip side of this there is also a rise in eating disorders in korea, particularly anorexia.

      Korea has never been this focused on beauty, thinness and appearance.

      I’m not too judgemental about it though, because that trend has also brought some major medical advances for people who are genuinely disfigured or people who are burn victims.

      Luckily people are still eating kimchi; it is healthy, delicious and slightly addictive.

      It can help you lose weight because it is low in calories and carbohydrates, it is a healthy non-starchy vegetable with lots of vitamins and minerals, it is satisfying (making you fuller quicker, and more happy) and it is probiotic meaning it delivers helpful bacteria to your insides which helps you digest food more efficiently (getting more benefit out of what you eat, so you don’t have to eat as much) and those bacteria will also help you eliminate excess bad bacteria.

      Kimchi has a bad rep because of its high salt content, however this doesn’t have to be a problem.

      There are big differences between different brands of kimchi, and you can choose whichever you like best.

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