One big special meal

Date: May 23, 2009
Time: 9am – 1:30 pm (included 30 minutes lunch time)
Location: 306 West 51st street, suite B1, New York City (map)
Price: $100 (USD) per person



This class will show you how to prepare a traditional Korean meal of rice, kimchi, and soup. I’ll also show you a few extra side dishes and one or two special dishes.

You’ll learn some very popular recipes and plenty of things that I can’t always show in a short YouTube video.

You’ll learn how to make:

  1. Multigrain rice (“jap gok bap“)
    I’ll bring my rice cooker and show you how to make perfect multigrain rice every time, even without using a measuring cup!
  2. Kimchi
    ”kutjoli” style: fresh non-fermented kimchi made with napa cabbage
  3. Soybean paste soup with cabbage (“doenjang shiraegiguk”)
    Soups are a very basic and essential element of a Korean meal. You’ll learn one of the most common and popular soups, doenjangguk using shiraegi (blanched cabbage) in this class! My little secret to make the soup very delicious will be released! : )
  4. Marinated barbecued beef (“bulgogi“), dipping sauce (“ssamjang”)
    My bulgogi marinade is easy and delicious and makes sliced beef tender.
  5. 3 kinds of pancake (“jeon“):
    wanja jeon (meatball pancake), kkaenip joen (perilla leave pancake), and gochu jeon (red and green chili pepper pancake)
  6. Tofu side dish (“dubu jorim”)
    One of the most popular side dishes for dosirak (Korean version of bento box) for Korean students.
  7. Dried Pollack strips (“booguhpo muchim”)
    Booguhpo muchim, another popular side dish that could be used as a side dish for dosirak, or you can keep it in the fridge to eat it later.

After we make all this food, we’ll eat it together. So if you take this class don’t plan on eating much afterwards, you’re going to be full.




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    i’m VERY VERY interested :) please tell me the details, location, time costs etc :)

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