June 27 – Bibimbap

Date: June 27, 2009 Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: 306 West 51st street, suite B1, New York City (map)
Price: $100

Class registration is closed.


The class is limited to 12 people and the cost includes all materials and ingredients. You will learn how to make:

  1. Mixed rice with vegetables (“bibimbap”)
    This is a well-known Korean meal and getting more popular all the time. It’s served in a large bowl where white steamed rice is topped with a variety of colorful vegetables as well as beef and egg.
    The bibimbap I’m going to show you will include these ingredients, which could also be made on their own as separate side dishes:

    • mung bean jelly (“cheongpo mook”)
    • steamed and seasoned soybean sprouts (“kongnamul muchim”)
    • steamed and seasoned spinach (“sigeumchi namul”)
    • steamed and seasoned carrots
    • sauteed mountain fernbrake (“gosari namul”)
    • sauteed  zuchinni (“hobak namul”)
    • sauteed bellflower root (“doraji namul”)
    • hot pepper sauce (“gochujang”)


  2. Fermented soybean paste with tofu soup (“doobu doenjang gook”)
    This simple soup is served with bibimbap
  3. Seasoned raw beef (“yuk hwe”)
    This is seasoned raw beef that’s similar to steak tartare and very cool and refreshing. If you like sashimi you will love this. For this class we will make yuk hwe to mix in with our bibimbap, but you can have it on its own as well. Vegetarians can skip this part.
  4. Cucumber kimchi (“oi sobagi”)
    This is made by cutting a cucumber into a pocket and stuffing it with vegetables and kimchi paste.


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