Dried and salted yellow corvina

Gulbi 굴비

Koreans preserve and season yellow corvina by salting them and then hanging to dry in the sun and wind. The preserved fish, called gulbi, have a snappy, firm texture and are delicious roasted, pan-fried, steamed, or stewed. The fish are not totally dried out: they retain a lot of moisture, and are very flaky inside. Yeonggwang in South Jeolla province is especially well-known for its gulbi.

They can be found in the frozen section of Korean grocery stores, pre-cleaned and sold in packages of 10 large fish or 20 small. They need to be thawed out before you cook them, and the leftovers should be kept frozen in the freezer.

Dried and salted yellow corvinaPackage of dried and salted yellow croaker

Dried and salted yellow corvinaGulbi sold frozen

Recipes that use dried and salted yellow corvina:

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