Korean curry powder is essential for making Korean-style curry rice.

Curry is originally a British dish, made from Indian spices as their interpretation of Indian food. The British have curry recipes going back to the 17th century and they introduced curry rice to Japan in the late 19th century. Koreans learned how to make curry rice from the Japanese and in 1969 the Pung-Lim Company packaged the first curry rice powder in Korea. It became hugely popular.

The Pung-Lim company was renamed to Ottogi and they still make the most popular curry rice powders in Korea. They have many different kinds: mild, medium, hot, or even not spicy at all, and a Japanese-style “Vermont curry,” which is made with apples (and sometimes other fruits) and is supposed to be sweeter than regular curry powder.

curry powder (카레가루)


Recipes that use korean curry powder:

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    Maangchi, I used to use these for my curry rice when I lived very close to an H Mart – now in Montana all I can find is the Japanese curry block – but these are much richer and fattier than the Korean powders. I like the lighter taste.

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