This bowl is carved out of stone and is great for making soup, stew (jjigae), or even rice. You can put directly on the stove or over an open flame and boil anything for a long time over high heat. And when you remove it from the heat, the heat in the stone will continue to cook your food. It’s hot! And heavy!

Stone bowl (Dolsot)

This is essential for making dolsot bibimbap, which is mixed rice and vegetables in a hot stone bowl. Dolsot actually translates as “stone pot” in English, because there is a stone lid that goes with it, making this bowl a true pot. But most of the time people call it a bowl, because it looks like a bowl.

It’s impressive for guests when I bring this to the table, full of stew and sizzling, or with hot, steamy rice.

You can usually find them in Korean grocery stores for around USD $25 depending on the size. There is a lot of discussion on my forum about how to keep it in good shape and get good, crispy rice from it.



  1. Krynauw Otto Pretoria, South Africa joined 9/13 & has 54 comments

    Hi Maangchi,
    What recipes do you use this dolsot for?

  2. littlez Boca Raton, FL joined 8/11 & has 11 comments

    Maangchi… I don’t see a link in your reply above (12/11/11). You say “This is a list of Korean grocery stores in the USA'” but I don’t see anything to clck on… I want to see if there’s anything here that I’ve mnissed! :) I live in South Florida, and I can supply a list of a few Korean/Asian markets in the surrounding area if you would like it. I think there’s one in Lake Worth that actually carries those pots. When I return, I’ll check it out.

    Keep up the great work!! Cheryl :D

  3. gladiesh Wheeling,Il joined 12/11 & has 4 comments

    Maangchi where can i find good bowls like that here in Illinois??

  4. criswen Malacca joined 12/10 & has 2 comments

    where can i get it in malaysia?? :) Thanks

  5. Kayla Baltimore, Maryland joined 11/10 & has 21 comments

    I want to buy a couple of these for my fiance and I, but they are pricey. At least the good ones. While me and my fiance were admiring them in the store, he confessed that he would even eat his cereal out of one, he likes them so much. I don’t know how well that would work out. The stone seems a little porous so it might hold onto the flavor of spicy stews I would make in it.

  6. Toto Bonn, Germany joined 6/10 & has 37 comments

    Oh yeah, I saw this pot in a cooking show where they made Dolsot Bap in this pot… it looked delicious! :)

  7. I absolutely love this site! Tabea: why not order one online? You can get them at KoaMart: or on ebay too i’m sure.

  8. Hi MaangChi,

    Your web site is great – the best! I have been telling everyone of my friends about your site.

    I bought a dolsot but haven’t used it yet as I don’t know how to prepare it for use. I also have an electric stove not a gas. Can it be used on elctric stove?

    What specific things do I need to do before using it for the first time? I would like to use dolsot to cook rice (dolsot bap), not to make bibimbap.
    I’d appreciate your help.


    Joyce – Connecticut, USA

  9. Ohhh….. its sad i cant find such things in my country…. i live in Romania…and im soo interested on korean food…

  10. Where can I buy a stone cooking bowl? i live in Fort Myers Florida USA.

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