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      Im a huge curry fanatic but i dont see it mentioned very often in Korean cuisine so im not sure which mix or spice blend is most commonly used.

      When i lived overseas, S&B curry roux seemed to be the popular yellow or golden curry in Japan. I see S&B mentioned in the few Korean curry topics ive read. Its good but now i make most of my curry powders from scratch. Mostly India style masalas so i have nearly any spice used to make curry powder.

      Most of the premade powders and pastes contain a ton of salt and i like to be more in control of my sodium intake.

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      I was in the Korean grocery recently store with my friend. She grew up in a 100% Korean home and community here in New York. When she saw the packet of Vermont Curry by House Brand, she said, “Oh! The flavor of my childhood!” I had to laugh, because I grew up in New England, and nowhere in Vermont could you ever have found curry to save your life! So here is a Japanese company marketing Indian flavors to Korean shoppers, by invoking a decidedly unspicy section of the United States.

      Now I live close to a section of New Jersey nicknamed Little India. Street after street of tiny grocery stores, sari shops, and restaurants. Its awesome! From time to time I deviate from Korean food and do some Indian cooking. It would be so amazing if I could find a way to authentically connect the two cuisines. So far I find no overlap. Even the sesame oil is different.

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      Sofar i have not found any Korean side dishes that compliment curry. At least not the more common yellow and red curries. Green curry however might but im not a fan of Thai green curry.

      The potato side dish may but ive never made an effort to find out.

      Vermont brand is very similar to S&B. Both are more of a Japanese style golden curry….. Which is similar to the Thai yellow curry in flavor minus the galanga root and tamarind.

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      Here you go.
      And check out the information about the curry powder, EvilGrin.

      Korean curry powder

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      I got some Ottogi medium curry powder to try. Thank you.

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      I tried it with pork lastnite. Its not bad and very similar to S&B. The market had a sale on the large bag for $2.99. Cant go wrong at that price.

      I added a little bit of Korean pepper flakes and a little bit of fat free Half and Half. I replaced half the water with chicken stock also.

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