apple vinegarIn Korean this is called sagwa-shikcho. The label says it’s 100% fermented.

apple cider vinegar

Recipes that use apple vinegar (sagwa-shikcho):


  1. I am attempting to make persimmon vinegar from a recipe off the Internet. I have been doing alot of shopping at a Korean super market,and bought some persimmon vinegar that I liked very much. I used the vinegar in a home made salad dressing it was good. A woman in the store suggested I buy small black soy beans(dried) and soak them in the persimmon vinegar for 1 week. Then she said eating 1 T, 3 times a day was really good for digestion. My beans are soaking now. I am American. Is this something common in other cultures? I have never heard of it.

  2. hi mangchi…

    im so thankful of your website…
    im married to a korean…

    can u teach me how to cook fish as main dish…
    we have so many fish in ref but i only know how to fry…kkk

    can u give me recipe using fishes,,,

    thank u so much

  3. princessoya28& has 1 comment

    Hi there Maangchi, I am Princess, an avid fan of you. I am married to a Korean and have been staying here in Korea for few months. I wonder if you could advice me about korean cooking.

    Ahh. I am a Filipina. In the Philippines we usually use vinegar in preparing our food. How about here? How often do you use vinegar? Does everybody like it?

    Please send me a reply on my email.

    Thank you! More powers!

  4. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    mostly it’s used in side dishes such as seaplant salads, radish salads…

  5. i want to know what is the use of vinegar in korean food? for example in salad, rice???

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