Ssukgat (쑥갓), has fresh herb like flavor. You can eat it raw or cook in a side dish. This vegetable is very important for making good maeuntang.

Recipes that use chrysanthemum greens (ssukgat):


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    Here is the specific wikipedia article for this plant:

    Here in the San Francisco Bay Area I’ve seen them being sold as Shungiku in some non-Chinese markets.
    In Chinese markets they are called Tong Ho/茼蒿.
    Don’t know about other markets but they are usually available in Japanese and Chinese markets.
    In Southern China, they are standard fare also.

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    Hi Maangchi!
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes, I really enjoy them.
    I have tried several times to get 쑥갓 and 미나리 from Hanareum and M2M (which is closer to my place) but they never had them :(
    Perhaps you know a better place that I could try? I miss having them in my food!

  3. I am growing Ssukgat in my garden. They are tiny plants now but I am taking good care of them. I love the spicy herby flavor of this vegetable.

  4. I read that you can eat it raw. I vaguely remember eating it raw in some dishes at Korean restaurants, but don’t remember which dishes. What other dishes do you recommend we put it in? Can we put it raw in hwedupbap?

    PS – you’re wonderful!!

  5. hello…its me again!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much for your reply….

    actually it is not my recipe and i just assumed that it is called ogokbap…..

    i eat this food last saturday when i went to finch…. i got curious when i passby one restaurant and saw a picture of that rice with the soodubu jjigae outside there window and it looks delicious. the restaurant named that as soondubu jjigae with HEALTHY/NUTRITIOUS RICE in stone pot.

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    Yes, all they are the same.

    Why don’t you talk about your ogokbap recipe on the forum here?

    My ogokbap recipe doesn’t use ginseng, jujubes, chestnuts, pine nuts… I use 5 different kinds of grains. ogok means 5 grains.

    I am planning to post the recipe later. Meanwhile you can ask your question on the forum, then someone else may give you better answer.

  7. hi… edible chrysanthemum and crown daisy are the same…. i went to galleria plaza yesterday and i saw the same vegetable above but the name on the tag is crown daisy and also the perilla leaves and sesame leaves, are they the same?…. thanks…..

    and how to cook ogokbap (white and black rice with chestnut, pine nuts, jujubes, ginseng, peas) in stone pot? hope the you can email me the way to cook it…..thank you very much….

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    oh, your chrysanthemum is really edible because you are still alive! lol
    Thank you for updating your successful maeuntang making.
    Keep taking care of your precious ssukgat plant so that you could enjoy the flavor all the time. : )

  9. wow my god!! it was so great i am still eating maeuntang it is so wonderfull chrysanthmum have very nice herby flavour i didnt added minari but it is so good maangchi japanese food was my fav. but now its korean thanks for making so nice video plz can you make more spicy food


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    You saw I was tasting fresh ssukgat in the video. Don’t worry! You will love the flavor of the vegetable.

  11. yes its edible i want to make maeuntang i have all ingredients of soup but i m little scared of using that chrysanthemmum

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    Are you sure the plant you are growing is edible chrysanthemum? You said 1 chrysanthemum plant which makes me worry. : ) Check out Wikipedia to make sure the plant you are growing is edible.

  13. hey i have one chrysanthemum plant at my home flowers grow in it i dont know but can i use that?

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    I described a little more about the vegetable for you.

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    I always wondered what this was. I love this vegetable.

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