Omija (Schisandra 5-flavor berry) has been used in Korean medicine for a very long time. It’s known for it’s unique taste which combines five flavors (salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter) and in Korean traditional medicine each of the five flavors is actively connected to five organs in the body, keeping them healthy and well-functioning. Some claim that it helps prevent more modern health problems too, like high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer. It’s also known to clear your mind, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and improve your complexion!

Besides the health benefits, the berries have a very unique, refreshing taste that is unlike any other fruit. You can really taste the five flavors in every berry.

It’s hard to find fresh outside of Korea and out of season, but many places sell it dried. When buying dried omija, It’s always best to find the reddest you can find. Avoid buying brownish berries, if you can.

Omija (shisandra: 오미자)

Frozen omija


Dried omija

Omija (shisandra)

A package of dried omija sold at a Korean grocery store

Recipes that use omija (schisandra 5-flavor berry):

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