Just a cheap seafood mix I used for soondubujjigae.

seafood medley


  1. Hi! First, I want to tell you your website changed my life because, not only is my mother Korean and I missed Korean food, but I also learned so many cooking techniques by watching your videos and also watching my friends and applying what I’ve seen you do. It’s so interesting and exciting!
    I wanted to suggest to you, though, to recommend or even mention a different source of this seafood medley on your website because most of the companies that sell these sorts of inexpensive seafood products are also destroying the ocean with unsustainable fishing practices by countries all over the world. I know it’s a little strange to ask this to you, but I believe you have a respectable business and website. Many people think very highly of it, including me, and I wonder if you would agree that is responsible not to promote the selling of unsustainable and environmentally damaging products. Of course I know it is all based on availability and affordability, but I feel it is worth raising awareness as much as possible and to make the sacrifice for the sake of the world we live in.
    Thank you for reading my letter, and my compliments to an amazing chef and kind soul,
    Adele Lee

  2. gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for your help. What Korean’s used to eat for breakfast????

  3. i was thinking if is it any substitute?
    or i can take fresh seafood and mix it

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