My steamer is my pride and joy. I use it for steaming rice cakes, buns, and anything else I can think of. It’s made with thin metal, so I keep it in a special spot where it’ll never get dented, and I’m always careful when I move it around.

You don’t have to use this kind of steamer if you don’t want to, or can’t find one. You can try an electric or bamboo steamer, they will probably work just as well.

Stainless Steel Steamer

Stainless Steel Steamer


Disassembled steamer

My steamer fits together so there are two racks for buns and cakes, and a reservoir for water at the bottom. The boiling of the water in the reservoir steams the items on the racks above.

Stainless steel steamer

I used this steamer in my mjigae dduk (“rainbow rice cake”) and steamed pork bun videos.


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    Where can I buy in Steamer? I’m live in Texas thank you

  3. orchid texas joined 10/11 & has 2 comments

    Hi…I love love to watch you chanel on youtube. today I just made tuna pancake and it was delicious. I just watch “steamed pork buns vedio” I very like you steaming pot! where can I find those! I live in Texas, can I find them in H-mart? and how much it is? thank you so much

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    I must ask! Where did you find this steamer? I live in Canada, and I am trying to find one like this. Is there a website I can try? Thank you so much!

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