Spicy pork BBQ

Dwaejibulgogi 돼지불고기

Hello everybody, Dwaejibulgogi recipe is here! : )

When I was invited to my friend’s BBQ party in upstate New York, I brought marinated beef, pork, and mushrooms (for vegetarians) and was planning to shoot a video for beef bulgogi. I didn’t plan on shooting a spicy pork recipe video, but I changed my mind at the party while barbecuing marinated pork. As you can see, the recipes for beef bulgogi and pork bulgogi are very similar. The only big difference is that I add hot pepper paste to the marinade for pork bulgogi.

Some of you might be wondering what the difference is between my spicy stir-fried pork (dwaejigogibokkeum) recipe that I already posted and this recipe. The taste is very similar but the preparation is different. Stir-fried pork is cooked, as the name suggests, in a pan or a wok over high heat, with the seasoning sauce and vegetables altogether.

Dwaejibulgogi is marinated first and then grilled, pan-fried, or barbecued over charcoals. Both are delicious!

If you are looking for a vegetarian version of this recipe, the marinade can be used with other vegetables: eggplant, squash, or mushrooms.

Enjoy the recipe!

Ingredients (3-4 servings)

  • 1 pound pork belly, sliced thinly into pieces ½ inch x 2 inches and ⅛ inch thick
    tip: You can replace pork belly with pork shoulder or pork loin

For the marinade :


  1. Mix all the marinade ingredients in a bowl. Add the sliced pork and mix well.
  2. You can grill, pan-fry, or BBQ right after marinating, but it’s best to let it marinate  in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Serve with rice, ssamjang (a soybean paste based dipping sauce), lettuce, sliced garlic and green chili pepper.
  4. Make a small green lettuce wrap with pork, garlic, green chili pepper and ssamjang and eat the wrap in one bite!

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  1. Mamadu PA joined 9/14 & has 1 comment

    I typically don’t have easy access to the Korean pear, so I have substituted with equal ratio of ripe Anjou pears and Fuji apples. They are the perfect blend of sweetness. All the ingredients, minus the green onions, go into the food processor. Mix it into your protein of choice and viola! Easy peasy Korean! Thanks for making my taste buds dance, Maangchi!

  2. halfpotato indonesia joined 11/11 & has 1 comment

    my husband are crazy about this!!! he finished the whole batch! and your ssamjang is amazingggggg it really bring out the flavour of the pork, thank you maangchi onni!!

  3. jelita79 melbourne joined 2/14 & has 1 comment

    wow..looks easy to make..i will try soon…thx Maangchi..I lv all your cooking recipe….

  4. Cutemom Indonesia joined 3/13 & has 82 comments

    Hi, Maangchi!
    I saw chef Edward Kwon make the same thing with chicken. I use your recipe to marinade pork belly and chicken thigh meat and grill them all. It was DELICE. You’re so inspiring. Thanks for all your recipes. Btw, I have been making kimchi from your recipe and getting lots of compliments and orders for them. Even my korean friends said that my kimchi is better tasting than theirs…hehehehehehe…it’s all thanks to you.

  5. adeline Indonesia joined 4/13 & has 1 comment

    Hello, i’m gonna make this recipe, but is it okay if i keep the marinated meat in refrigerator for day long? Thanks! :)

  6. emberchong Singapore joined 3/13 & has 1 comment

    Woah, looks really yummy! If I wanna have it non spicy, do I just leave out the pepper paste and the rest remain unchange?

  7. cscha2 knowlesville New York joined 2/13 & has 1 comment

    Hello! This looks so yummy! It is making me hungry just watchinng. I was wondering what you were using on top of the stove to grill the beef on? Its very cold and winter out here so we cant barbecue outside, so if I could barbecue inside that would be better. Thanks!

  8. Lennia Orlando, Fl joined 1/13 & has 1 comment

    Hello, when I went to the market it seems I forgot to pick up the Korean pears. Am I able to substitute something for it?

  9. Samta United States joined 1/13 & has 1 comment

    Thats some awesome looking pork belly. Hubby and myself are huge pork fans.
    Sadly we cannot bbq in our community – but, this is on my to do list when we go for our summer holiday to the lake.

  10. Frans K the Netherlands joined 12/12 & has 1 comment

    Oh I love the way as you cook.
    Many thanks for sharing with us, Maangchi!
    Frans K from the Netherlands

  11. eveenz New Zealand joined 4/11 & has 2 comments

    I made this for dinner tonight for my parents, and it was delicious! I only used 1 Tablespoon of gochujang in the marinade, since my dad’s not big on spicy food, and it still tasted great ^-^. Though I think I might add more gochujang next time I make it, since I love spicy food. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe!

  12. soko2usa Minnesota joined 4/09 & has 55 comments

    To make it less spicy, would you use just one tablespoon of hot pepper paste? It looks so good! Thank you for your videos!

    <3 Kerri

  13. chrismcleod Brooklyn joined 4/12 & has 2 comments

    I had a friend over and made this last night. Damn good and really easy to make. I made the entire marinade in the food processor except for the scallions, which I minced by hand and added after blending. Also, as an additional garnish for the lettuce wraps, I recommend marinating some thinly sliced onions in a little vinegar. The acidity works really well with the pork. I will definitely be making this again, for a larger group next time. Thanks Maangchi!

  14. Kbaywahine Kaneohe joined 10/12 & has 2 comments

    Made bulgogi last week and my family loved it! Can’t wait to try the spicy pork!

  15. aikid19 United States joined 11/12 & has 1 comment

    Only 1 lb. pork belly! :(

    I usually make this with blade steak or butt that is trimmed of some fat and cut into strips. I have not made it with belly, but that sounds extra delicious. You can broil it if it’s too cold or wet out to grill. Make as much as you can, because every meat -eater LOVES this!

    Thank you for all you do, Maangchi!

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