These noodles are made with wheat flour and starch and are thicker than a lot of other Korean noodles, which makes them very chewy and elastic. In Korean they are called “jjolmyeon” which is also the name of the dish they are used in.

They can be found in the frozen section of a Korean grocery store. You can usually find two types: jjolmyeon noodles by themselves, and a ready-to-make kit which includes the noodles and some sauce packages. Be careful when you choose the correct one.

Keep them in the freezer when you bring them home, and thaw out what you need in the fridge. Keep any leftovers in the freezer, too. If you can’t find these noodles you can substitute them for any other kind of noodles you have on hand.

jjolmyeon noodles

Packages of jjolmyeon noodles

jjolmyeon noodles with sauce

Jjolmyeon noodles kits sold with sauce inside

Recipes that use jjolmyeon noodles:

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