Sweet rice flour

Chapssalgaru 찹쌀가루

Also called “glutinous rice flour,” this flour is actually gluten-free. It’s made with glutinous rice, which got it’s name because it’s so sticky, or glue-like. It’s used to make sticky rice cakes like gyeongdan, and I also use it in the porridge I make for kimchi, so the porridge sticks to the cabbage leaves.

The Japanese word for “sweet rice flour” is “Mochiko,” and I often use the popular, high-quality Blue Star Brand from Koda Farms in California.

Glutinous Rice Flour

This is Korean-made sweet rice flour:

sweet rice flourAssi sweet rice flour

One of my readers, Josephine, told me that she makes good chapssaltteok with these brands:

Recipes that use sweet rice flour (chapssalgaru):


  1. HallyuPumba India joined 12/16 & has 5 comments

    If I don’t have access to the sweet rice flour, is there any way to make it at home?

  2. myleneC Québec, Canada joined 4/16 & has 1 comment

    Hi everyone!! I hope I can get a little help… I started cooking Maangchi’s recipes (amazing, right?!? So tasty…) and I was given a bag of “Short grain sweet rice” (Koda farms)
    I’m not sure if it counts as short grain rice (so I can make a flour for ddeokbokki!) or as sweet rice (glutinous)… Anybody knows???? Thank you!!!

  3. “mochiko” is not a brand, it’is the japanese name for “glutinous rice flour”.

  4. herkullinenelama Finland joined 3/11 & has 2 comments

    hi maangchi, I went to the local supermarket and they only had “rice flour” and no “sweet rice flour.” Could I use just the rice flour to make

    • Cheonyong Indonesia joined 4/11 & has 28 comments

      umm, if you cannot find rice flour, try to find glutinous rice flour..
      it’s just same…
      sweet rice = glutinous rice = mochi rice….
      if you cannot, using rice flour for kimchi is ok, but not if you using it for other dish such as songpyeon, etc…

  5. cindie Indonesia joined 3/11 & has 2 comments

    Hi I’m Olivia, I come from Indonesia. I am very hobby with Korean food, I want to ask whether this rice flour can be made ​​to tteok

  6. karla or 까를라& has 1 comment

    I am your number 1 fan I love the Korean food you’re a good teacher, my problem is that I do not speak English, I can not understand much
    I speak Spanish and I live in El Salvador in Central America there are many Koreans here
    at this time use google translator to speak with you in English jejeje
    your videos would be better if you write down the whole procedure
    for people who do not understand English
    if not much trouble of course!
    thanks for reading my comment and I hope your answer

  7. Dominique Echard& has 36 comments


    I thought I could help clarify some of the questions about the ingredient swapping for future visitors. In response to Jen’s question about using Chili Powder instead of red pepper flakes, no, it is not a good substitute. The Chili Powder most of us in the States know of us actually a blend of seasonings that can include garlic, cumin, paprika, oregano and other spices in addition to ground dried chili peppers. This is best for Latin cooking or for Chili. Chile flakes (with an “e” on the end) are hot peppers that are dried and crushed and lend their heat to your dish. As for tapioca flour in Nina’s question, it is used the same way as cornstarch, arrowroot or potato starch – for coating foods before battering or for making a slurry with cold liquid to thicken something. Hope this helps! Maangchi, I am so excited that I already have the sweet rice flour on hand as well as some red beans paste. I could add the rest of the filling ingredients to it to save me a little time making these balls. Love your site so much.


    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

      Thank you for your good information! I didn’t know much about chili powder! I should refer your answer if someone leaves the same questions.
      Regarding starch powder, I once used tapioca instead of my usual starch powder to make my tangsuyuk and found it was not the same taste as it was supposed to. https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/tangsuyuk

      Anyway, I want you to join the forum and share your knowledge with other readers! You could be our treasure on the forum!
      : )

      hope your rice cake turns out great!

  8. Hello, I was wondering is there a substitute for rice flour when I make gyngdan.

  9. thank you!!! im going to make your kimchi recipe…=)

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