Mortar and pestle

Jeolgu 절구

I bought this small mortar and pestle at a Korean grocery store. It’s made of plastic and lightweight. I used these to pound rice cakes in my injeolmi video.

Mortar and pestle

This mortar is made of stone and the pestle is made of wood. I use them for tougher jobs. It’s still small so I can keep it in my kitchen cabinet and take it out when I need it.

PIC-570541 - © - TOPIC PHOTO AGENCY INHere’s a photo of a Korean traditional mortar made of stone and a pestle made of wood (from the Topic Photo Agency). This is quite a bit sturdier than the ones I have! Both of my grandmothers had them in their backyard and always used them to pound grains and sesame seeds and to make rice cake.

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  1. Outsidethebox13 Texas joined 11/11 & has 2 comments

    I was wondering where i could find a Mortar and Pestle. I checked the Hong Kong market/mall not too far from my house and I didnt find one. Any suggestions on where I could find one? Thank you! :)

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