Breaded cod fillets

Daegujeon 대구전

In this video, I’ll going to show you how to make “jeon,” a traditional Korean food breaded with flour and eggs. There are many kinds of jeon, but this one is made with cod.


Cod filets (400 grams), flour, olive oil, garlic, kosher salt, ground black pepper, eggs, a red chili pepper, soy sauce, vinegar

  1. You can use fresh or frozen cod. If it’s frozen, thaw it out in the refrigerator.
  2. Rinse the filets in cold water and gently dry them using a paper towel or cotton cloth
  3. Slice it thinly and put it in a bowl.
  4. Sprinkle 1 ts of kosher salt, 2 cloves of minced garlic, and 1 pinch of black pepper into the bowl of cod slices and gently mix it up by hand.
  5. Pour 1 cup of flour into the bowl with the cod, and mix it quickly  with your hand so that the cod is lightly breaded.
  6. Beat 2 eggs in a small bowl and add a pinch of salt.
  7. Add 1 chopped green onion and red chili pepper into the beaten eggs.
  8. Heat a pan on the stove over medium high heat.
  9. Add 1 tbs of olive oil or vegetable oil to the pan.
  10. Piece by piece, dip your breaded cod into the beaten eggs, and then place the pieces onto the heated pan.
  11. Lower the heat to medium and cook it.
  12. Turn it over using a spatula or spoon.
  13. Add more oil if needed.
  14. On a big plate, place green lettuce on the bottom and place the cooked fish on it. Now it’s “jeon”!
  15. Serve it with a dipping sauce of 2 tbs of soy sauce and 1 or 2 tbs of vinegar.


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  1. Magpie23 Nashville, TN joined 7/20 & has 1 comment

    Thank you for teaching me how to make a recipe I’ve wanted to learn for a long time!

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  2. Atomickittyn Vancouver, BC joined 5/12 & has 1 comment

    Is it really 1 tsp of salt? I put 1/2 tsp only and its still SO salty. :(( What did I do wrong? Everyone is raving about your recipe so I must have misread something!

  3. Phelpsrs Michigan joined 12/17 & has 4 comments

    Adding a hot pepper was amazing

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