Today I’m going to show you a fun way to cook rice: in a hollowed-out eggshell! It’s called gyeran-kkeopjilbap in Korean.

My grandmother used to cook rice in a cauldron over a fire. While the rice was simmering my grandmother would grill fish over the embers or just tuck a potato or sweet potato in there to roast. Later when it’s all cooked it can be our snack. This kind of eggshell rice was popular in Gyeongsang province and I can understand why! It’s fun to make and peeling the egg to eat the rice is fun to do. You feel special eating it, especially if someone makes it for you and gives it to you as a snack.

Some people say the rice is more delicious this way but personally I can’t taste the difference. Still, I enjoyed making and eating it. You don’t need fire embers to do this, it’s actually much easier to make it in the oven using your broiler.

This video was one of 3 I filmed in the Poconos mountains. It was actually the first to be filmed but the last to be released. I hope you enjoyed this mountain series, with dalgona cookies and spicy chicken skewers! Starting with my next video I will be back home in New York City.


For 3 servings

  • ⅓ cup short grain rice, soaked in cold water at least 30 minutes, drained
  • 3 eggshells (How to empty egg whites and yolks from the shells below)


  1. Make a hole on the center of the pointed end of an egg by tapping it with a metal chopstick, then carefully breaking and removing the shell around the hole with your fingers. Keep removing the shell a little by little until the hole is about ½ inch wide.
  2. Insert the chopstick and pour out the egg insides into a pan. I put the egg into my earthenware pot to make steamed eggs later.
  3. Repeat it with the other 2 eggs and empty all the insides.
  4. Put the shells into a small baking dish, the pointed end up.
  5. Fill each egg with 2 tablespoons soaked rice and 2 tablespoons water. A small funnel and the chopstick are very useful for this.
  6. Preheat the broiler in the oven for a couple of minutes. Add the eggshells and rice.
  7. Broil for 20 minutes.
  8. Remove from the heat and serve.rice cooked in eggshell

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