Vee Na Kwok

This week our Korean food fan is Vee Na Kwok from Indonesia. The first time she tasted Korean food was at a Korean restaurant in Singapore, and she loved it!

After going back home, she went to local Korean restaurants and also learned how to make it at home. Check out these gorgeous and authentic Korean dishes she made! It’s amazing to see her how interest in Korean cooking happened accidentally, yet now she can cook such beautiful dishes at home!

Vee Na

What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Vee Na. I’m from Indonesia.

Tell me about the first time you ever tasted Korean food. Where were you, and what did you eat?
The first time I ate korean food was when I traveled to Singapore. Although it wasn’t an authentic Korean restaurant, I really fell in love with the dishes.

Later when I got back to my country I went to an authentic Korean restaurant near my place called “Dae Jang Geum,” run by korean people. The food was awesome… I love it very much. Especially samgyeopsal, tteobokki, sundubu and the side dishes.

How often do you cook Korean food?
So far I’ve only made:
– Samgyeopsal gui
– Kimchi
– Braised saury (substituting sardines)
– Pan fried tofu

What are your 3 favorite Korean dishes?
I love samgyeopsal-gui, sundubu-jjigae with seafood and tteobokki.

What’s your best Korean dish, the one that everybody compliments you on?
My family and friends love my samgyeopsal-gui.

Braised Sardines

Braised sardines

Pan Fried Tofu

Pan Fried Tofu

Grilled Pork - Samkyeopsal

Grilled Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal-gui)

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