Dried squid threads

Ojingeo-silchae 오징어실채

Ojingeo-silchae is made from dried cuttlefish cut into thin pieces strips like threads. They’re chewy and fishy and are often eaten straight-up as a snack. They are not as moist and chewy as dried shredded squid and are almost wood-like in comparison.

It’s sold in the dried seafood section at Korean grocery stores, usually next to the dried anchovies.

squidstringsojingeo-silchae (오징어실채)

Recipes that use dried squid threads (ojingeo-silchae):

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  1. LoganS Colorado, USA joined 10/16 & has 3 comments

    I love your recipes and videos – they are very fun to watch and really informative! Thank you for making them.

    I cannot find these squid threads for the life of me! I work by a very large Asian grocery store and they apparently do not stock them. The closest I’ve come to find is the prepared, shredded squid sold in plastic packages as snacks. They seem a lot softer than these and are not crunchy at all. They are delicious but I would like to find the ones shown here. Any advice on where to find them or if I can order them online anywhere?

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