These small, round wheat-flour wrappers are used to make steamed dumplings. Large skins are 4½ inches wide and medium are 3½ inches. Defrost overnight in the refrigerator or on the kitchen counter before using.

The English on the package might read “dumpling wrappers” or “egg roll wraps” but in Korean it says 만두피 (“mandu skins”). If you can’t find them in the store you can make your own mandu-pi at home with my recipe.

mandu skinsmandu wrappersmandu wrappers

Recipes that use mandu skins (mandu-pi):


  1. gominamshi Morocco joined 6/13 & has 1 comment

    hi maangashi i’m a fan of yours and really enjoyed so many recepies that you submit and i’d like to try the mandu but i don’t have mandu skins and i’m from morocco and i relly didn’t find a store near me where i can buy them so please if you have recepies to make them let me know and thank’s

  2. kimchi licious Montreal, QC joined 9/12 & has 2 comments

    i just made mandu from a mix of maangchi’s recipe but i added butternut squash instead it was great but my one complaint is the mandu skins , i didn’t find them that great which i bought at a local korean store , and they didn’t really last in the soup i made , that is .. they came apart after a few minutes , so i’m looking for other recipes , maybe to make them myself ? i don’t know what to do … wether i should try another brand or wether i should just not make them myself and buy the store bought mandu?? let me know your feedback , help needed …please !!!! LOL , thanks ! xoxo Kimchi Licious!

  3. hi there!!! i lived in souh korea for a year and loved the food especially mandu and cham chi gega (sorry for the awful spelling). i live in blackpool england and dont know where to get he mandu skins. please could you ell me the ingrediens and amouns so i can make them from scrach!! also do you have a recipe for the gega? thank you so much


  4. Angelica Navarro& has 2 comments

    Hola Maangchi, I’ve been a fan of Korean food for a long long time, back in high school I had a few Korean friend and I loved it when they invited me for dinner. Unfortunately I forgotten most of the names of the dishes, but this dumplings I do remember. Now I live in Spain, and of course it’s quite difficult to find a lot of the ingredient( But I can still improvise). What I would really need to know is how to make the Mandu skins, I need to know how much flour, water, salt and oil(can I use olive oil?) Gracias. Hope to hare from you soon. Angie

    • if you are in madrid. there are 2 markets in gran via next to plaza de españa. one is chinese and the other one is an old spanish market but inside there are chinese and one korean stand!! with stuff there. its called mercado de San migel or something like that…and you can use sesame oil for sure…if not in the underground market in plaza de españa get wanton skins…it works just fine!!
      ps, i hope you like my country…

  5. Michael J& has 1 comment

    Are the Mandu wrappers the same with the Wanton wrappers?

  6. hi erhm how about egg rolls wrap can i use that as the skin too?

  7. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    yes, it is!

  8. Is this same as Gyzo wrappers ?

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