Mustard powder

Gyeoja-garu 겨자가루

This is made with powdered mustard seeds, and can easily be found in Korean grocery stores.

Korean-mustard-powder (Gyeoja-garu: 겨자가루)Korean-mustard-powder (Gyeoja-garu: 겨자가루)



Recipes that use mustard powder (gyeoja-garu):



  1. suzu& has 1 comment

    Maangchi, is this the same kind of mustard power that can make chinese hot mustard.. or is this milder? Cause I’ve been looking for a good mustard power to make a strong chinese hot mustard that give it that great kick!


  2. Mummyseah& has 1 comment

    I’m hoping I can make my own honey mustard as dipping sauce for KFC, chicken strip and so forth.

    Is the the type of mustard powder to use? If you have the recipe, can you kindly share with me.

    Thank you.

  3. Nishu& has 2,272 comments

    Is It powdered mustard seeds?

  4. Lil& has 2,272 comments

    Hi Maangchi- TAG you’re it. Please feel free to participate or ignore as you please. =) Check out the details on my blog if you like.

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