Spicy stir-fried pork

Dwaejigogi-bokkeum 돼지고기볶음

What kind of side dish looks nice and special but is very simple to make? Hot soup is a good answer but something fatty will also be a good choice, as long as it’s very delicious.

Spicy-stir fried pork is the perfect dish that I was thinking of. Just follow the recipe and make a delicious, irresistible, spicy, shiny, stir-fried pork dish in 15 minutes! I posted the video and the recipe years ago on my website, and it’s also one of my cookbook recipes, but this updated version is slightly modified and improved.

This time I used pre-cut pork sold at a Korean grocery store, but you can also just get pork belly at your local butcher and cut it into think pieces about 1/8 inch thick. You could also replace pork belly with chicken breast, slightly frozen so you can slice it thinly and nicely.

Serves 3 to 4


pre-cut pork belly


  1. Heat up a large, thick skillet (or pan) over medium high heat.
  2. Add pork, hot pepper paste, soy sauce, sugar, hot pepper flakes, black pepper, and toasted sesame oil.spicy stir fried pork
  3. Mix it well, stirring with a wooden spoon. Cook it for a few minutes until the pork is well mixed with the seasonings.
  4. Add garlic, ginger, onion, and green onions. Stir and cook for 12 to 15 minutes until the pork is fully cooked and juicy and a little crispy.dwaeji-bokkeum stir
  5. Transfer to a serving plate and serve with rice, kimchi, lettuce, ssamjang, and more side dishes.


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  1. Really delicious!!!!! And easy to make!! OMG best Korean food ever!! I love you Maangchi!!!:)

    See full size image

  2. chern joined 4/15 & has 2 comments

    Hi Maangchi ^_^

    Thank you for your recipe. Today I try to make it and it was delicious.

    See full size image

  3. sanne Munich joined 8/14 & has 274 comments

    We had that this evening. Yummy!

    I used 3/4 pork belly and 1/4 brown cap mushrooms, both sliced thinly as for samgyeopsal-gui, but bite-sized. It took only 5 minutes on high heat. Squid works great, too.
    Relaxing soul-food!

    Bye, Sanne.

  4. Cutemom Indonesia joined 3/13 & has 82 comments

    Maangchi ssi,

    It’s official. This is by far the most favorite dish of all kids who ever eaten my cooking and gamjatang is my family favorite to the point i have to keep fully seasoned stock in my freezer at all time. Whenever my kids want soup, it’s gamjatang time. And, whenever my son got friends come over to play, he and his little friends always requested this dish with sour kimchi. Those kids normally won’t touch any kimchi.

    Thanks so much for the recipe


  5. CarisVintageKitchen Connecticut joined 5/14 & has 1 comment

    I had to make an account just to tell you how much I love this dish. I have been making it for years now. I am Italian and my boyfriend is Vietnamese, and we both love your Korean recipes!! Thank you for the great video!

  6. Miss Kim78 socali joined 3/13 & has 40 comments

    I first learned how to make this dish a long time ago from your site. I just made some today too. Haven’t had it for a while. I love this dish..love pork belly! But I try not to eat it too much because it’s so fattening.

  7. fattymad96 Singapore joined 6/13 & has 1 comment

    Tried this recipe the other day and loved it!!!
    Loved how sweet the pork is!!! Recipe is definitely a keeper!!

  8. Poidog_HI Guam joined 3/13 & has 7 comments

    My friend’s wife (who is Korean) gave me a recipe for Stir fry Spicy Pork and Squid but she didn’t have the measurement for each ingredient, because her mother does it by eye on how much to add. So I came here and found your recipes Pork and Squid, and used them as reference. The stir fry Pork and Squid was very delicious! My friend’s wife insisted I use “Black Pork Belly” which is only sold at our local Korean super market. What is the difference? Only difference I could tell is the Black Pork Belly is cut thicker and wider, as compared to American cut pork belly?

  9. lmhjgsfever Hungary joined 1/12 & has 18 comments

    Thanks a lot I made this for my mum and she loved it

  10. dewie Dallas, Tx joined 3/13 & has 1 comment

    Do you think it’d be ok to leave out the brown sugar?

  11. SJ_ELF85 Pontoon Beach, Illinois joined 1/13 & has 1 comment

    I found this recipe right before going into the grocery store tonight, and even though i couldn’t find any red chili flakes, i used red pepper spice and it still turned out Delicious. Thank you for posting just a great recipe, it made my dinner great and my kids loved it :)

  12. eunyoung11 Vancouver, BC joined 1/13 & has 1 comment

    annyeong maangchi! how about adding carrots as an ingredient? will it make a difference?

  13. cisbrane Austin, TX joined 9/12 & has 3 comments

    Hi, I made this dish, but it came out very greasy/fatty. I went to the store and bought “pork belly” but it was not whole like yours, it was sliced into strips. The pork belly was quite fatty, but when I look the picture this one also seems fatty. However, the fat from yours does not seem to render out and add a lot of grease. Did I buy the wrong type of pork belly or cook it wrong? Other than that, it tasted really good!

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

      Pork belly has a lot of fat between the layers of meat, so it’s natural for this to turn out greasy. But always choose a leaner cut of pork belly when you make this dish, that’s what I do. And also, always stirfry over high heat so that the fat doesn’t melt out.

      • charliesommers Nashville, Tn. joined 4/10 & has 12 comments

        The secret of not being bothered by the grease is simple, just don’t eat a lot of it and don’t eat it often. I was a meat cutter for thirty years before I retired and must say that the fat in meat is where the taste is. The legendary kurobuta of Japan is descended from the English Berkshire and both are heavily fatted animals. They are also both delicious. Modern breeding has taken most of the fat out of swine and a good deal of the taste also. My mother ate fat pork almost daily (she disliked beef) and lived to the age of 100 anyway.

  14. megasuryadi indonesia joined 8/12 & has 3 comments

    hello maangchi, i’m one of your newbie fans :p i watched your video over and over but never tried once. but this time i promise myself to make this! (maybe tomorrow i want to buy the ingredients) do you think its okay for me to add some rice syrup here? cause i love sweet and sour taste, thanks before :)

  15. Andrea Italy joined 1/09 & has 20 comments

    Thank you for this recipe Maangchi! Yesterday I finally managed to try to make it and it was delicious. I had to use a green onion that I found in a chinese store, it was not in layers as regular green onion but more “compact”, still it tasted like onion :-)
    I also had no rice but a lot of lettuce and I think I will make it once again very soon with some rice, the right green onion, and a bit more of gochujang!

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