Danmuji (yellow pickled radish) is a very important ingredient for gimbap; I never make gimbap without it! It tastes sweet and sour and has a really nice, crispy texture.

yellow pickled radish

Look for it in the refrigerated section of Korean and Japanese grocery stores. It’s sold in airtight plastic packages, either cut into strips or whole, with enough pickling liquid to keep it moist. It’s easy to recognize because of its bright yellow color.

Stored in its pickling liquid, it will keep in the refrigerator for a few months.

pickled radish

Korean yellow pickled radish (danmuji: 단무지)

You can also make your own danmuji at home with my recipe.

Recipes that use yellow pickled radish (danmuji):


  1. Grizzz Al Ain, UAE joined 8/19 & has 1 comment

    Hi Maangchi!
    I want to ask if you could leave danmuji out of the refrigerator for a significant amout of time? I’m going back to the Philippines soon and I wonder if I could buy some Korean ingredients there and bring it here in Al Ain, UAE because there are literally no K-marts in here. The only K-marts I know is a 2-hr drive from here and the products are super expensive so I’m really hoping if it is possible to bring it in my checked in luggage and not spoil them.

  2. KrynauwOtto2 Pretoria, South Africa joined 9/13 & has 54 comments

    Hi Maangchi,
    How do I store this after I opened it?

  3. FaylinaMeir Omaha,Ne joined 2/11 & has 3 comments

    I remember about a year ago I moved to Omaha,Ne and we have a great Asian store. They have like 10 different brands of picked radish, so I bought a couple samplers to try, and ugh.
    I mean no offense but pickled radish tastes like sour milk and gym socks. o.O its probably an aquired taste I’m sure, I have a Japanese friend who says the same thing about cheese and I love cheese.

  4. hyena319 NYC joined 6/09 & has 4 comments

    Hi Maangchi,
    Do you have a favorite Brand of dan moo ji?

  5. Maangchi Could you one day show how to make Pickled Radish?

  6. gabriella& has 1 comment

    Hej Maangchi! I absolutely love your cooking show, you are so cute! Anyway i’m a new yorker living in stockholm. I found your website because I was dying to make my own korean food and from the lack of korean food in stockholm. I even had my friend import me red pepper flakes from koreatown to make kimchi. I would like to know how to pickle my own daikon radish. i found it at asian store, and then read the label…to find a warning that said ” causes cancer in labratory animals”.
    Anyway please let me know. Kimbap is not the same without it. thanks, gabi

    • andrea kim oahu, hawaii joined 6/10 & has 13 comments

      my mom used to just use plain old pickles in our kimbap since there were no korean stores close by. it’s not the same but it’s close. it gives the crunch and the salty. maybe try a sweet pickle? or add sugar?

  7. Hi Maangchi!
    I want to ask you a question. I bought yellow pickled radish today and for some reason it wasn’t sweet and sour. It was a little salty at first then it was a little bitter. On the bottom of the package it said “Sushi Takuwan” and the brand was “Choripdong.” I’m not sure if I bought the wrong type of radish.

  8. Hi! good evening. Just want to inquire if you know other brand of pickled radish?

  9. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    You can keep danmuji in the refrigerator as long as you want. It’s already pickled, so it won’t go bad. But be sure to seal it air tightly.

  10. Libelle& has 30 comments

    Hi Maangchi! Love, love, love you! :o)
    I always buy the large packages of daan moo ji and although we do eat it a lot I’m always scared it’s going to go bad. So, I would like to know how long the daan moo ji is good for once you’ve opened it?
    Thank you so much for all your hard work! Komawoyo.

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