Today I’m going to share my chicken gimbap recipe with you! It’s very easy to make, great for lunchboxes and picnics.

Korean gimbap (seaweed rice rolls) can be as simple as some rice (bap in Korean) rolled and pressed in a sheet of dried seaweed (called gim in Korean), but usually the typical gimbap includes colorful vegetables and meat, like my classic gimbap recipe.

This gimbap today is very simple, it’s made with only 2 fillings: crispy pan-fried chicken and yellow pickled radish (danmuji). It’s a great taste combination because the chicken is a little salty, sweet and crispy and the danmuji is sweet and sour with a crispy texture.

This recipe was inspired by my dentist’s son. My dentist in New York is Korean-American and also likes to watch my videos. She told me her son loves her gimbap, but he only loves the gimbap made with 1 filling,  bulgogi, which is just meat and rice, a very simple combination. It got me thinking about ways to simplify gimbap and I came up with this recipe. Even though it’s simple, it should be delicious. I’ve been making it for 2 years now and I love the taste!

My final and most recent experiment to create a better taste was to adjust the amount of soy sauce. I started 2 teaspoons and had to increased to 3, but eventually 4 teaspoons of soy sauce for 1 pound of chicken turned out perfect. 1 teaspoon more soy sauce is a really big deal!

If you don’t want to have chicken, you could use beef, and if you don’t have danmuji you can make some from my recipe, or use cucumber as a substitute. Slice the cucumber into strips lengthwise, then add salt, sugar, and vinegar and let sit a bit. Then squeeze out the excess water and use it in your gimbap! It will be a good replacement.


Makes 4 rolls and serves 2


Marinate chicken & prepare the rice

  1. Combine the chicken and milk in a bowl and mix well by hand. Let sit for 30 minutes.marinated chicken with milk
  2. Meanwhile, put 3 cups of freshly made warm rice into a wide, shallow bowl. Sprinkle the salt and 1 teaspoon sesame oil over top. Gently fold it in with a rice scoop or a wooden spoon. Let the rice cool down until it’s no longer steaming. Set aside.gimbap rice

Pan-fry the chicken

  1. Place the bread crumbs on a large plate or tray.
  2. Slightly squeeze out any excess milk from the marinated chicken. Add garlic, soy sauce, honey, ground white or black pepper, and the flour.
  3. Mix it by hand to season it evenly.
  4. Take a chicken piece with your hand and put it on the bread crumbs on the plate to coat. Repeat with the rest of the chicken and the bread crumbs, leaving gaps between the pieces of chicken.chicken coating with breadcrumbs
  5. Heat up the ½ cup cooking oil over medium-high heat for a few minutes. Test the temperature by dipping a tip of a chicken piece into the oil. If it bubbles, it’s ready. Place the chicken pieces, one at a time, working in batches to avoid overcrowding.
  6. Cook the chicken for 6 to 7 minutes. Keep flipping them over with tongs and control the heat so it doesn’t get too high and burn the chicken.
  7. The finished chicken should be crunchy, golden brown, and cooked all the way through.pan-fried chicken for chicken gimbap

Roll and cut the gimbap

  1. Divide the rice into 4 portions. Place a sheet of gim on a bamboo gimbap mat, with the shiny side down and the wider end of the gim towards you.
  2. Evenly spread 1 portion of rice over the gim, leaving a 1-inch margin uncovered along the top to make gimbap
  3. Divide the chicken and danmuji strips into 4 portions. Put a portion of chicken and danmuji in a horizontal row on top of the rice, with the rows slightly overlapping.
  4. Use both hands to pick up the bottom edge of the mat and use it to roll the gim up and over the fillings so the rice surrounds them.
  5. Squeeze the mat gently and then continue rolling up the gim in the mat, squeezing the mat regularly to get a tight to roll seaweed rice rolls
  6. Unroll the mat and remove the roll from the mat. Set the roll aside, with the seam down.
  7. Repeat with the remaining ingredients to make 3 more rolls.
  8. Gently brush the rest of the ½ teaspoon sesame oil over the rolls by hand or with a bashing brush.
  9. Sprinkle the sesame seeds over top.Seaweed rice rolls with chicken
  10. Cut each roll into ⅓ to ½-inch slices. For easier slicing, wipe your knife with a wet towel as you go.Korean seaweed rice rolls with chicken


  1. Arrange the slices on a plate or pack in a lunchbox. The gimbap will keep for several hours at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.Chicken gimbap (Dakgogi-gimbap: 닭고기김밥)

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  1. Nuggetwagon Chicago joined 7/21 & has 1 comment

    Okay I made this today but substituted your mung bean sprout side dish for the pickled daikon, it was amazing blend of flavors. Thought I would share. Your show takes me back to Korea when I was living there with the military. I miss it very much, but return there often with you (in spirit at least). Thanks for all your dedication in sharing your native country’s beautiful culture through its exquisite cuisine.. It’s nice returning to this beautiful time in my past.

  2. sanne Munich joined 8/14 & has 299 comments

    Today is both “National fried chicken day” and “National hand roll day”… ;-D

  3. twinmama14 joined 9/15 & has 3 comments

    Maangchi – My six year old twins and I love watching your videos together. It’s been tremendous fun learning about Korean cooking with you! I We made dakgogi-gimbap for dinner tonight and it was delicious! It was my first time attempting any kind of roll and I am happy with how they turned out. I think we may have a favorite back-to-school lunch item here! Stay well – and thanks again!

    See full size image

  4. smalaniz claremont, CA joined 5/10 & has 4 comments

    I love this recipe! I really loved the tonkatsu kimbap that was popular when I was there. I tried this time using an air fryer and it turned out great! I did change some things though,…I added carrot and bok choy (using your carrot and spinach instructions from your old kimbap recipe) and bought the radish and burdock strips that they have in the store. it tastes soooooo good. I served it with a side salad and kiwi mayo dressing. Tomorrow, I’m going to eat leftovers with rice for bibimbap.

    See full size image

  5. sanne Munich joined 8/14 & has 299 comments

    Looks delicious!

    I probably would use chicken mu, radish cut accordingly.

  6. Celinejph FRANCE joined 1/16 & has 6 comments

    I’m so happy to see I already have everything I need so I can try this today !!! Thank you for sharing ! As usual, this makes me hungry !^^

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