Dried persimmons

Gotgam 곶감

Dried persimmons are sweet and chewy like jelly candies. In Korea the fresh fruit is harvested in the fall, tied with string, and hung to air-dry. A whitish bloom on their surface indicates that they are dry and sweet. Besides cooking with them, you can eat them by themselves as a snack.

They are a little hard to find outside of Korea, try Asian markets and choose large, plump persimmons that are not discolored. They will keep in the freezer for a few months.



Recipes that use dried persimmons (gotgam):



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    How do I eat dried persimmons?

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    oh yes. Mochi ice cream sounds so good! I like the strawberry ice cream filled mochi! mmmmmm so good! If I knew how to make them, I’d weight a thousand lbs! haha

  3. can you buy these at any asian stores?

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