I grew up in a harbor city , so I love seafood and know how to make a lot of different things with squid: soups, stews, steamed dishes, a fermented squid called ojingeojeot, and hot & spicy stir fried squid. Always buy fresh squids instead of frozen if you can. They are almost always sold frozen here where I live now, snd I usually have a few in my freezer at all times.

Recipes that use squid (ohjingeoh):


  1. objeanobi Bergen County, NJ joined 2/17 & has 2 comments

    When I use the google language translation program, “ojinguh” translates to both squid and cuttlefish. Are they interchangeable? Is cuttlefish better for rings?

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    Having prepared the squid (cleaned, gutted, skinned) please can you explain what I do to salt cure it to make it fit for kimchi.

    I tried just rubbing the squid in salt and coating the container top and bottom with salt but when I return to it after a while quite a lot of liquid has come out of the squid.

    Is this normal or am I not using enough salt. Should I dry the squid or is it okay to have liquid in there?


  3. Christine& has 1 comment

    Hi Maangchi:

    I wanted to make korean squid soup and boiled/steamed squid to dip in red pepper sauce. The soup I want to make is made with gochu jang and raddish in it. I’m not sure what other ingredients go in it, do you know? I’m pretty sure garlic is one of the main ingredients though.

    I’m also wanting to make the steamed or boiled squid. Do you boil the squid in water as one whole piece? Or do you cut it in pieces first? How long should I boil the squid for? Do you know how much vinegar and sugar you need to put into the dipping sauce?

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