Perilla leaf kimchi

Kkaenip-kimchi 깻잎김치

(the other recipe in the video is Kkaennip-jangajji)

Kkaennip (perilla leaves) are one of my favorite vegetables. They have a real good flavor, like mint, so they are used for so many Korean dishes. Whatever you make with kkaennip, it will be precious dish because you will have to take care of each leaf one by one! The taste is awesome! Enjoy the flavor of each leaf while eating it with your rice!





  1. Wash and drain 135 grams (about 3 cups) of perilla leaves and put them into a basket.
    *tip: wash both sides of each leaf in running cold water and shake to drain waterwashing perilla leavesperilla leaves
  2. Next, let’s make kimchi paste!
    Put these ingredients in a bowl and mix them together with spoon:
    4 cloves minced garlic, 2 chopped green onions, ¼ cup amount of sliced onion, 2 tbs of carrot cut into matchsticks, 3 tbs fish sauce, 1 -2 tbs hot pepper flakes, 1 ts honey.


  1. Spread some paste between the leaves.
    *tip: You don’t need to put paste on every leave but every 2 leaves

Now you made kkaennip-kimchi! Gratz! : )
Put the kimchi in a container and keep it in the refrigerator.

Serve with rice and sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds before serving.




  1. Hope& has 5 comments

    I made this and my family loved it.

    But… I washed the perilla leaves and left them in the refrigerator undried for a couple days and they turned discolored on the edges.
    I was wondering if its okay to just eat it without cutting off the discolored parts on the edges. I cut them off but it took a long time and I was wondering if I have to do it next time too if it happens again.

    Thanks again for everything.

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,821 comments

      Yes, perilla leaves are bruised very easily especially when they are wet. I usually roll them up in the newspaper and put them in a plastic bag before putting in the refrigerator.
      You can eat them after removing the discolored parts.

  2. anonymous& has 2,261 comments

    Hello Maangchi,

    I went to the market and I saw 2 different types of leaves that look very similar to perilla leaves. They are both the same shape, but one of them is green on both sides, the other was green on top and purple on the bottom. For the perilla leaves you used for this recipe, is it the one with purple and green? the names for them were written in Korean in the market I went to so I don’t really know which one to buy. (maybe next time i should just take a bite out of both to see which tastes better) Are perilla leaves also known as sesame leaves? I hope to hear from you soon.

  3. deborah Toronto, ON joined 4/09 & has 47 comments

    hi maangchi,

    i saw this plant selling as a seedling in a korean supermarket earlier during spring time and was very tempted to buy a small plant for home. i wasn’t sure though, if i should considering i know very little about keeping this plant. i’m not sure if you’ve ever kept this plant in your home/garden before but i was wondering if it is a perennial plant in toronto and if it continuously grows if kept indoors. i was thinking either to plant it outside or in a pot indoors seeing as finding the leaves in the grocery store is not consistent.

    thank you!

  4. josh& has 28 comments

    hi maangchi
    i finally bought his from an Hmart like 2 hours away (^_^)
    i think imana try the 장아찌 :]

    oh and i was wondering about the spelling of 깻잎, shouldn’t be spelled as “깬잎”? ahah im very curious since im learning korean :]]

    thx 안녕!

  5. Jenny& has 27 comments

    Hi M,

    Another mouth watering recipe.Wish i can find this leaves.Btw,you look extra extra beautiful….

  6. Katt& has 2,261 comments

    You make everything look so yummy and easy:) I think I wanna go to korean market to buy some perilla leaves now!

  7. Gina Redondo Beach, California joined 8/09 & has 20 comments

    Hi Maangchi!

    I would like to request a good recipe for radish jangajji, with radish, cucumber and jalapeno peppers. And how about a recipe for other types of “jeon” like stuffed peppers, and “donggurangddaeng” :-)

    Thanks for the new recipe!

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,821 comments

      ok, Your request for korean style meatball recipe and more jangajji with other ingredients is accepted! Thank you!

      • Katherine& has 1 comment

        Yes, please more jjangachi recipes please.. in particular oye jjangachi (cucumber jjangachi).

        Also, how do you make the moo banchan that restaurants serve with ttong-dak?

        I just found your website and love it! Thank you for what you’re doing!!

        And seriously, you

  8. Eleana& has 2,261 comments

    Hi Maangchi!
    Where do you buy your perilla leaves? I live in NYC too :]

  9. Libelle& has 30 comments

    Maangchi ssi, annyeong! Looks so delicious! Thanks for another great recipe, the pickled one looks especially yummy. Now I just have to hope I can find Korean Perilla leaves…wish me luck on my hunt! haha ^^

    Kamsahamnida…and you look extra pretty in today’s video!

  10. Emmy& has 2 comments

    Hey Maangchi.
    This recipe looks great and I want to try it out..
    There are several Korean markets near where I live: two normal korean markets and one farmer market.
    Do you think they might have it? Usually the two markets don’t have much, usually just typical vegetables that we use, but I’ve never been to the farmer’s market..

    If it isn’t there, could you recommend any other vegetable to use with this recipe?

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,821 comments

      The recipes for vegetalbe pickles are a little different depending on what they are. You can try this recipe with other ingredients, but I can’t guarantee the good result.

  11. Alex& has 47 comments

    Cam/ I dont think there is a substitute because the taste of the leaves are so unique and so strong, there is no other leaf like it..

  12. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09 & has 2,261 comments

    Again, great video and a new kind of Kimchi!
    Can’t wait to make this.
    I will buy some leaves soon, i need to re-stock on korean groceries anyways :)

  13. cookinggallery& has 12 comments

    I love Kimchi, especially in mandu. I made kimchi a few years ago, but it didn’t turn out well, maybe I need to give it a go one more time and see how it turns out…!

  14. Cam& has 9 comments

    Yay another recipe!
    Its a bit weird to ask for a substitution for perilla leaves in a recipe for perilla leaves…. but i can’t find perilla leaves anywere nearby and the korean style pickle looks really good! Are there any other vegetables that you would suggest pickling in this way?

  15. jack& has 2,261 comments

    Do you think I will have any luck finding these in Chinatown?

    • Alex& has 47 comments

      According to wikipedia, Korean perilla leaves are different from Japanese or Vietnamese or Chinese perilla leaves in their looks and taste so I dont think you can find it there. Give it a try though..

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,821 comments

      Not that I know of, I get perilla leaves only at a Korean store.

    • Gina Redondo Beach, California joined 8/09 & has 20 comments

      You could try Japanese shiso leaves – a different variety and the closest in taste. Large Asian/Chinese markets like 99Ranch will sometimes carry perilla and shiso now. Korean markets didn’t used to carry fresh perilla leaves, but now they do.

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