I went to Flushing yesterday to do some grocery shopping. On the way home I remembered that last year at this time I bought some perilla leaves from a woman on the street, I thought I would stop by and see if she was there this year.

streetvendorI’m not sure this is the same lady as last year, but she was in the same spot! So this year I took her photo.

I was happy to see her even though I’m not sure she’s the same woman. Last year I was only concentrating on the vegetables, not the woman selling them.

perilla leaves ajumaThe perilla leaves were so fresh!

perilla leavesShe gave me a huge amount of fresh leaves for only $10. And then I saw yeolmu there, and asked her for $5 worth. She said:

“I picked it this morning! It’s so soft and tender!”

As I was leaving she said “Hey, I have pumpkin leaves! They are so delicious steamed!”

“Ok,” I said, “how much is it?” She also had zucchini. So I bought those too, she gave me a deal on everything.

She reminded me of my grandma. I was very happy to see her, and now I took her picture I will be her regular annual customer.

I’m going to use these leaves in my next video, perilla leaves kimchi, stay tuned!


  1. bo Hawaii joined 7/10 & has 49 comments

    I cannot wait to see the next recipe video! Those perilla leaves are so beautiful!

  2. I’ve recently found your recipes and have tried a couple to great success but I never knew you had a blog section until now. It’s very interesting to see not only how you cook but how you live too.

    I’m living in Korea right now teaching English and I always see old ladies selling veggies on the street but I think it’s pretty rare in America. She looks so cute in the 2nd picture. :)

  3. hi maangchi. i grew kaennip leaves in our garden this past summer and none turned out that big! i love your blog, recipes, videos and learning about you. i look forward to sending in some photos of your recipes (and ones taught by my mom). i told her about your website and she laughed when she heard your name.

    i am korean-american living in portland, oregon and love cooking, eating, traveling, meeting new people, and did i mention eating? chigae season is coming up…i’ll stay tuned to see what cookin’!!

  4. Dave Cook& has 1 comment

    I realize it’s been several months since you came across this woman on the street, but would you please tell us where you found her, so we can look for her when the weather is warm again? Thanks!

  5. Hi there again Maangchi, I’m so glad to have seen your website. I just love cooking your recipes and eating it. The next time I cook I will take pictures of all the dishes and send it to you so you can then. I get so happy every time I’m cooking your recipes because it’s soooo healthy and yummy.

  6. Hi maangchi I have been following your recipes for a long time now and I love all of them. Funny, I just noticed your meet ups, it seem so much fun. I wonder where you will go next I would love to go to one of them. I live in Fresno Ca. My nationality is Hmong, our ancestors are from China, that’s if you are not familiar with the Hmong people. Here in the central valley we have so many great farmers and they deliver their harvest to a local Asian Market near by my house. I find huge bags of Asian radishes, eggplants, young cucumbers all of the everyday vegetables for one dollar to two dollar a bag. I just made some cucumber Kimchi It looks so good I can’t wait to eat it.

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

      Wow,I know Hmong people! When I went trekking in northern Thailand long time ago, I visited Hmong tribe in the mountain!

      I hope we can meetup someday! I usually let people know my meetup plan in advance on my blog. Stay tuned!

  7. Hello Maangchi,

    I hope you are well. I was born in Korea but adopted, so I never tasted any Korean food in my childhood. I guess I still must have a Korean-gen somehow, for I love the food. I was really pleased to learn about your website and the way you show us how to cook.
    I hope one day you can show us how to cook galbi tang.
    Keep up the good work,
    best regards,
    Nanja, from the Netherlands (you’ve got a lot of fans over here)

  8. I cannot stop talking about your videos. Your sweet demeanor and silly sense of humor really come through. I stayed up until 3AM on a work-night watching the shows on my iphone!! They always put me in a GREAT mood. I am going to have a korean food party with my friends and will send you photos or a short video of what we made. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT STOP MAKING THESE VIDEOS. When you run out of recipes, start over from the beginning or start making another type of food. MMMMMMMMMM Sooooo GOOOD!

  9. im really glad that i found out ur cooking website! im a mongolian and i married korean we’re gonna have little son soon^-^ i’d really love to cook korean food for my husband but i dont know much about korean food so i hope i can learn it in here!tnx again ^^

    • Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

      Welcome to my website! I’m sure you will learn a lot about Korean cooking through my website. If you have a question while cooking, leave your question under the dish you make. I will try to answer you ASAP!

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