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“Aguzzim & Pat bing soo”

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  1. I really like Aguzzim & Pat bing soo.. When I visited korea, and stayed in for 1 week on my friend's house.. She called some korean restaurant I think & she ordered those,, and I've been so addicted since then.. I think I really fell on those korean food.. Please,, if you could please make a video on how to do those and name the ingredients..

    Thank you very much! By the way I'm your newest member at the moment, I'm Keigh, 18 years old.. Love your videos so much..


  2. Hi Keigh: What are those two dishes? I don't recognize the names.


  3. 1) Ah-Gue-Jim (Monk Fish dish with veggies but mainly bean sprouts)

    2) Pa-Bing-Soo (sweet red bean on top shaved ice and each individuals favorite fruit topping.) Suggestion: Amazon has shaved ice machine for less than $10 and you can use maangchi's recipe for the sweet red bean but make it more loose.

  4. foodie answered your question Michael..
    Thanks foodie..^^
    I also love the dessert called baesook, it's cooked pear with peppercorn i think.. but Pat bing soo really is my favorite..

  5. Thank you foodie! I did not know Amazon is selling an ice shaver!
    keigh07, I like aguzzim, too! Agu soup is also very delicious.
    All these recipes will be posted someday in the future. : )

  6. I haven't tried the Agu soup but I know from the name itself it's delicious.. I'm looking forward n tasting all these yummy korean dishes!!;p Thank you Maangchi!!=)

  7. Maangchi,,

    You’re the best!!!! I’ve made hot and spicy rice cake for my korean boyfriend because he told me that his late mother used to cook this for him,, and he’s really happy,, it really makes me happy to see his smiles,, he’s kinda tough,, he’s not really sweet,, but because (maybe) of my efforts he’s starting to be a little bit sweeter.. I don’t really know how to cook,, but because of you I learned.. Thanks to you Maangchi,, our relationship is getting better,, my LIFE is getting better..

    By the way,, do you happen to know a korean actress named Seo In Young?? His friends calls me that way,, they also told me that I’m like her.. Who is she??


  8. keigh,
    I see you love your husband with all your heart! I'm very glad to hear that your Korean cooking gives you happy family! Yes, when you work hard to make good food for your family, the food will be more than delicious because of LOVE!

    I agree! Looking at your avatar, I think you look like Seo In Young! : )
    She is very popular in Korea these days. I visited Korea in May this year and she was on TV all the time.
    I found her video clip on YouTube. Check it out.

  9. Wow, she's really skinny,, I'm not that skinny,, but his friends calls me like this "In Young Ah!!"
    Hahahaha!! Anyway,, we're not yet married Maangchi,, I'm just 18,, and I don't have any plans to get married yet,, but,, maybe in the future,, I'll marry him,, HOPEFULLY...=) I'm going to make dumplings, kimchi soup & maybe if I can do a sophisticated kimbap ,, I'll bring it to him at school tomorrow..

    With your help,, I know I can do it..

    Thanks again Maangchi...=)

    Mucho Amor,,

  10. oops! sorry! He is your bf! : )
    heh, he is very lucky to have a girl friend like you!

  11. Thanks Maangchi!!=)
    I'm off to school...^^
    Wish me GOOD LUCK!!=)

  12. Maangchi,, I'm in trouble.. What is In Jeol Mi?? My boyfriend & his friends wants me to cook this for their get together party on the 10th of October.. They're looking forward for this.. If you can't make a video,, please teach me the procedures..

    I think I need to stop bringing them what I made.. Or they'll just ask for more... whew!!



  13. keigh07,
    Injeolmi is ddeok made of sweet rice powder (glutinous rice powder). I am going to post the recipe later. I am sure they will love gyungdan rice cake if they like the taste of chewy injeolmi(인절미). Check out this, you will see the photo of injeolmi. : )

  14. So it's actually a dessert,, I see... Do you think I can replace injeolmi with gyung dan??

  15. I just posted my patbingsu video!
    agujjim will be posted later!

  16. ok, my injeolmi rice cake recipe is posted today!

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