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  1. groupphoto

    Gapshida Indonesia

  2. cjpackage

    CJ contest winners

  3. Singaporemeetup

    Gapshida Singapore

  4. helpyourself

    Cooking, sharing, and sightseeing in Rotorua

  5. goodshot

    Gapshida Rotorua

  6. ricewine1

    Going to Rotorua

  7. Maangchi

    Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ

  8. rollsofkimbap

    Gapshida party in Wellington

  9. kimchimaking

    Gapshida Wellington, New Zealand

  10. groupphoto3

    Gapshida Sydney

  11. Rotoruagroup-photo

    Korean food party in Rotorua, New Zealand

  12. altogether

    Gapshida Copenhagen

  13. 18

    Gapshida Rotterdam in Susanne’s house

  14. alltogether

    Gapshida Rotterdam at Reinier’s house

  15. SarahMoorehouse

    Gapshida Amsterdam

  16. floweragnes

    Gapshida Canterbury

  17. travel-bag

    Gapshida! Packing, preparing, & flying to the UK

  18. Maangchi at JFK airport

    Leaving for my Gapshida journey

  19. withthefirstlady

    Lunch with the First Lady of Korea

  20. sp2

    Songpyeon rice cake

  21. heirloom tomato

    Heirloom tomato & Hooligan cheese platter

  22. Gapshida!

    Gapshida itinerary announced!

  23. pointingyoutube

    What should I name my new cooking show?

  24. kimbap2

    Picnic with my readers

  25. Reinier’s tuna pancake video

  26. 3

    My YouTube Creator Camp experience

  27. YouTube

    YouTube NextUp meetup

  28. making sweet red beans

    Going to YouTube Nextup Creator Camp

  29. Jamie-Frater's-Korean-meal

    Let’s send Jamie Frater to Korea!

  30. 3-ppl

    Bev and Chuck

  31. students1

    My Korean cooking class on April 16, 2011

  32. dried-rose

    Some recent website improvements

  33. jeon

    Wild green onion pancake

  34. cookbook3forthewinners

    Lucky 7 winners

  35. pulque1

    Food, food in Mexico!

  36. greenonions

    People in Mexico

  37. cactus

    Mexico, you are so colorful!

  38. Cooking Korean Food with Maangchi - Book 3

    Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7

  39. basket

    My shopping in Mexico

  40. moma

    Leaving for Mexico

  41. Cental-park-3

    New Flickr accounts and my photos page

  42. side-dishes

    Babette’s Korean feast

From 2010

  1. lobster-dish

    The food in Honduras

  2. JPG_0095

    Photos from Honduras

  3. finished

    My readers’ ojingeojeot (fermented squid)

  4. Betty-and-me

    My short trip to Toronto

  5. soybean-sprout-soup

    Leaving for Honduras

  6. Aasif Mandvi,

    Today’s Special

  7. meal

    My readers’ 1 month project: making ojingeojeot

  8. shopping

    Field trip for Korean-Uzbek cuisine on Nov 6, 2010

  9. kuksu

    Korean-Uzbek Cuisine

  10. vegewraps

    Korean food photo contest winners

  11. photo-contest-125-3

    Hurry up! Vote for the People’s Choice award!

  12. bibimbapfor500

    The 28th Korean Harvest & Folklore Festival (presented by the Korean Produce Association of New York)

  13. together

    Maangchi’s meetup in California, Sep.21 2010

  14. Voting for the food photo contest now opens

  15. demo2

    Asian Feastival, Sep.6, 2010

  16. Asian Feastival

  17. Grand prize

    Korean food photo contest

  18. Meetup in Los Angeles

  19. Mexican wife living with Korean husband and 5 children

  20. samgakkimbap

    Al ate samgak bap instead of samgak kimbap : )

  21. queenseondeok

    My trip to Minnesota for “Passport to Korea”

  22. passport-to-korea-nopak

    Going to “Passport to Korea” in Minnesota

  23. judging2

    New York kimchi contest report – June 26, 2010

  24. geese

    Getting my permit at Prospect Park

  25. ft. hamilton subway

    New York Kimchi Contest

  26. hot pepper paste

    Improved Korean Grocery Shopping Directory

  27. Maangchi on FaceBook

  28. metalking

    The Asian American Association of Time Warner discussion panel

  29. withori

    My April 22, 2010 Korean cooking class in New York

  30. My interview with Voice of America radio

  31. 220px-Wild_Leeks

    Ramps (wild garlic)

  32. students

    Unexpected short meetup in Baltimore

  33. contestant2

    Korean food video contestants

  34. Jenny's-sugarhoddeok

    Uh oh! Hoddeok! : )

  35. Saveur's blog awards nominated in Saveur’s 1st Annual Food Blog Awards

  36. The Korean government’s YouTube video recipe contest

  37. spidermonkeys2

    Scenes from Costa Rica

  38. Kalguksu meetup!

  39. cactusicecream

    Costa Rican Food I ate

  40. me

    Costa Rica trip: Introduction

  41. with-paul

    Leaving for Costa Rica

  42. Leaving for Boston

  43. with-4-girls

    My class at Whole Foods Bowery Culinary Center on Jan.30, 2010

  44. Maangchi in Korean media

  45. jia-xin

    Update: Jia xin still loves her mom’s jjajangmyeon!

  46. What’s happening to Maangchi these days?

  47. Andrew Fraser’s maejakgwa

  48. Flickr panic

From 2009

From 2008

  1. 2008 Toronto Meetup

  2. Toronto Meetup

  3. My second cookbook is published

  4. Chinatown shopping list

  5. Sushi

  6. Maangchi is in Joongang Daily

  7. My jjajangmyun recipe is updated!

  8. Tokyo Mart

  9. Lunch with Mila

  10. Lower East Side Pickle Festival in New York

  11. Rainsh01 making bibimbap

  12. Hagi sake bar

  13. New Korean cooking forum!

  14. hot and spicy baby octopus dish

  15. My favorite pizza place

  16. Some changes to my site

  17. twitter

  18. Maangchi Meetup

  19. Maangchi’s New York Readers’ Meeting

  20. Korean perilla in soy sauce (Kkaennip-jangajji)

  21. Korea4me’s Korean cooking

  22. Korea4me making bulgogi

  23. Maangchi moves to Manhattan

  24. Korean street food

  25. James’ stir-fried squid

  26. Ask Aida

  27. Maangchi came back home

  28. Silkfan making bimbimbap

  29. Maangchi’s Korea visit

  30. Clyde makes doenjang jjigae

  31. My Korean home cooking DVD

  32. Letter from C

  33. My Korean home cooking cookbook

  34. James’ soondubu jjigae

  35. Squid from Korea

  36. Agasuka’s bibimbap

  37. Trip to NYC