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How to make sauce from Fire Chicken as condiment

Thanks for the reply! I will try your suggestions and post how it turned out.

honey citrus tea

I buy some and try it in korea but I don’t know how to do it myself Attachments:Rafiqul-Bio-data.docRafiqul-Bio-data1.docRafiqul-Bio-data2.docS…


Check this out, please.

How to make kosadi from fresh ferns?

Hi. I picked some ferns. I am going to dry some after boiling. But I want to prepare some fresh. Should I do so as I would from the dried from the po…

Fermenting Kimchi

I want to try making Kimchi but have a questions about storage containers and fermenting. I have a gallon sized glass Mason Jars to put it in. Do I j…

Help: Long Lasting Crisp to KFC

I think that Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) is the best kind of chicken (so long Southern style Chicken). I have been trying to make the fried chicken bu…


Really cool recipe, I will try in when I got enough time. These days are so busy for anything.

Korean Culture: adding food to someone else's rice

Yeah it can be uncomfortable but you don’t want to called a jerk by refusing someone’s love and care for you. Very interesting tradition,…

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