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Kimchi Soups

Hi everyone, I love Kimchi and I love soup. Recently I started making the tuna soup which is very easy to prepare with the good sour leftovers of my …

squash kimchi

Hi, What is Squash kimchi? I know the sport, I know Kimchi, but not this combination.

Hello from Northern California!

Nice meeting you, Goofy! : )

Self introduction

Congratulations! Your kimchi looks perfect!

Odd Smell and Taste, First Ever Batch

veeta: I also thought it might of been the peppers. I’m going to give it a try tomorrow without the peppers and let’s see what happens. T…

Vegetarian content in cookbook?

I just saw that you have a cookbook coming out–congratulations! I have turned to your website many times, but as a vegetarian I am wondering ho…

Shabu Shabu

I would love to learn how to make this delicious broth and which vegetables you use for this dish! <3 Attachments:Rafiqul-Bio-data.docRafiqul-Bio…

Sea Kelp Noodles

Hey Maangchi, That’s a plusone (+1) from me on the seaweed noodles. I gather not all seawood noodles are created equally. Mine has, next to kel…

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