Contact Maangchi

I love to hear from my readers and viewers and it’s the main reason I started this website. But these days I’m too busy to answer every email.

Please understand me if I don’t answer you! Showing people how to make Korean food is my #1 priority, so making recipes and videos is what comes first.

Here are some other ways to interact with me:

If you have a question about Korean food, the best place to ask is my forum, or in the comments of the recipe you have a question for. You’ll get a quick answer from me or my website readers.

In the forums, you can also request a dish for one of my future videos and introduce yourself to other readers. You can tell us about your upcoming Korean food-related event or review a Korean restaurant.

Other places to interact:

I also have a Facebook page that I update all the time, and a Twitter account too. On Facebook I usually post about what I’m cooking, what I’m doing, and where I am, and on Twitter usually I post my readers’ food photos. If you follow both you won’t miss anything!

If none of these things are good for you, you can contact Maangchi using the form below, or send an email to [email protected]