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  1. Hi! =DD
    first of all, thank you so much for the recipes you upload! =D
    i really enjoy them! ^_^

    now.. on February i'll be having my birthday party, and i thought i could make some Korean dishes for my friends.. But.. it should be something that you can eat without using forks and it's little, like apetizers ^^
    i've thought to make kimbap.. but are there any other things i could make?
    What do usually people make for parties?
    Thank you in advance for your answer!^^

  2. how about sweet flower pancake? mandu (dumpling)? or even panfried tofu (you can probably put the sauce in a dipper instead of pouring it on the tofu).... for the drinks, you can try barley(bori) tea or watermelon soju (alcoholic drink)
    Hope that helps a little! :)

  3. Mandu would be a great success I think. how about chungpomuk and use the sauce for dipping? Hobakjeon or the vegetable pancake would be good too I think.

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