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“Brazilian/American family in Seoul and Loving Korean Food!”

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  • started 5 years ago by Manuela
  1. Hi everyone!

    Well, I'm Brazilian married to an American and we've been stationed in Seoul for almost 2 years now. Before moving here we lived in Northern Virginia, where there's a large Korean community and many Korean supermarkets. I've eated Korean food in American and always had a hard time enjoy it. Now, I just can't get enough. So funny how it works. It took us to move half way across the globe for me to actually L O V E Korean cuisine. Living in Seoul is turning out to be a wonderful experience. People here have been so kind towards us. And it's a beautiful city!
    Thank you, Maangchi, for taking the time to keep this site running the way you do.

    I hope everyone has a great 2009 and eating plenty of yummy Korean food!

    Manuela Davis

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