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“Can any one tell me plase what is Bujigaeni-Namul?”

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  • started 1 year ago by BruceDansker
  1. Hello, I ma new to korean cooking. I am also just learning the Korean Language and culture. I love Bibimbap, I have never made it myself before, though i have lots of korean cookbooks, I went to H-Mart and bought a package of dried ingredients , The package title in English reads Natural Flavored Dried Vegetablesfor Bibimbap. Product of Korea,
    I ingredients are listed in both English and Korean, I can not read the Korean as yet.
    I know the English ingrediences;
    all except Bujigaeni-Namul.
    the others are Bracken fern, bellflower root,fragrant mushrooms.
    Can some one please tell me what

    Thank you, Bruce

  2. Hi Bruce,
    Bujikkaengi namul (부지깽이 나물) is a kind of edible vegetable which is usually grown in the mountains. Ulleung island is famous for this vegetable.
    You can follow my chwinamul recipe to make this dish.

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