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“Cooking rice without a rice cooker”

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  • started 5 years ago by Andrea
  1. Hello everybody,
    I want to make my first bibimbap but I don't have a rice cooker. Could someone give me some advice?
    Can I just boil rice as we do in Italy (in plenty of water) or should I use the pressure cooker?
    Thank you all for your support
    Love & greetings and wishes for a peaceful new year

  2. 1 part sticky rice with 1 part water.
    High heat.
    Once it starts steaming full throttle like a tea pot, throw the heat down to warm/low.
    Let it cool down/continue to cook for 7-12 minutes.

    Scoop out your rice, but make sure to leave the bottom layer of burnt rice for a crunchy rice snack later that day.

  3. Thank you.

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