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“Dipping sauce”

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  • started 9 months ago by cytotoxins
  1. Hello Ms. Maangchi,

    Hope u're doing well in these days. In Korea, it's extremely cold now, I dont even want to get out of my room.

    I have interested in dipping sauce name 겨자간장, I dont know that is exactly name what I want to ask you but I usually eat it with grill beef, onion, it was mixed with mustard (I think that).

    Can you show me how to make it, Ms Maangchi.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this...being well.

  2. I posted how to make gyeoja sauce in my cold salad with spicy mustard sauce recipe. Check this out, please.

  3. Thank you so much...<3...<3...<3...

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