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  • started 3 years ago by sshin84
  1. Hi Maangchi! I love love LOVE your recipes! I am korean-american and am interested in learning how to cook more korean food!

    I love the eel (with the sweet eel sauce) over rice that they serve at japanese restaurants and would love to make it at home but am having a hard time finding this recipe online so I was wondering if you would ever consider making this dish since you are such a great cook!

    Thanks for the consideration :)

  2. I also love the Japanese grilled ell or unagi. To cook it the right way is quite complicated so I cheat. At most Asian / Korean markets you can find the cooked eel in the frozen foods section. I do suspect quite a few Japanese places in the US also use a frozen product. Its not as good as the real thing but still good.

    There is also a Korean version of grilled eel called Jang Uh Gui.

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