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  1. Hey Maangchi! Thank you for your site and reciepes! Sorry for my english if i type something not correct :P
    I have a question about fern brakes which i want to cook for Bibimbap and i bought dryed kesari but after boiling for 3 hours then keeping it all night in refregerator they are still hard some of them soft but most are hard. What can i do? I realy wanted to cook Bibimbap with kosari :) Thank you!


  2. 3 hours isnt nearly long enough... you have to make sure, that every piece is under water. even if one piece sticks out, this piece will be hard.

    first day, soak it for a couple of hours, change water from time to time, boil it for a couple of hours, leave it in the fridge for a night
    second day, throw the water away, rinse and repeat.

  3. Thank you kumaxx
    I will try again next time :P

  4. I used this blog's recipe and mine turned out yummy

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