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“fish cake appetizer”

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  • started 5 years ago by miloodee
  1. i was wondering if you have a recipe for the fish cake appetizer usually served in korean has a sweet and mild spicy flavor and it's color is it only a mixture of the corn syrup and the chili paste?fish cake is eokun right?thanks.oh and kindly send me a copy of your reply in my email thanks.

  2. miloodee
    Yes, it's a side dish. Korean restaurants serve side dishes before serving main dish, so you may think they are appetizer.

    The fish cake side dish you mention is very easy to make.
    Cut it in bite size first, stir fry with a little bit of vegetable oil, then put some garlic, hot pepper paste, soy sauce, and sugar or corn syrup. Then put some sesame oil and roasted sesame seeds.

    That's all!

    You can add some chopped green onions, too if you want.

    I will post the video recipe later. Thank you!

  3. hi maangchi.i tried doing this sidedish but my fishcake turned out dry, thin and a little hard. i did defrost it and put in in the fridge before cooking.oh and i tried putting carrots they were good there a way for the fishcake to come out fluffy and full of moisture?or is it an indication that i overcooked the fishcake?

  4. miloodee,
    If you like fluffy fishcake, put some water(1-2 tbs) when you cook it.

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