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  1. My mom is Korean and she always made her own gojujang and I would love to see how to do this. I know that she used a pound of miso, corn syrup, salt and soy sauce and she would grind up crackers or breadcrumbs and red pepper powder but she never measured anything so I really don't have much to go on. She is now 75 and frail and can no longer make it. I learn by watching. I love these you tube videos! Sincerely, Lee

  2. Hi Lee!

    My mom used to make gochujang too a looooong time ago. She stopped making gochujang but she still makes her own dwenjang. I would never mention this to my mom but I secretely prefer the store-bought ones. =) I love Maangchi's videos too. I stoppped watching it before lunch though because I would get sooo hungry from her videos that I couldn't work properly.

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