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    One of the restaurants here in Wichita serves Green Bean Kimchi that is very delicious. I looked here on Maangchi’s site for a recipe for it but either missed it or didn’t see one.

    Anyone have a good recipe for it? It tasted basically like cucumber kimchi or cabbage kimchi but with green beans in it.

    Thank you in advanced.



    Interesting! If you can, please upload the photo of green bean kimchi. You can make kimchi with various vegetables, but I have never seen green bean kimchi.


    The book Good Morning, Kimchi (great book BTW) has a recipe for green bean kimchi but due to copywrite laws I can not post it.

    Here is a pick



    I’ll have to look for that book, Thank you powerplantop. Maangchi, the picture posted looks just like the green been Kimchi one of the restaurants here serves.




    Looks delicious!


    rv65, Thanks, its simple but good.

    Now if I just get my wife over the fact that its not “Korean”.



    Yea I am from Wichita and the place is called Manna Wok the Ajusshi there makes really good food! I think i may have a picture of the food somewhere…They have cucumber kimchi green bean kimchi and another type of cabbage and then the regular Napa cabbage kimchi.

    That day I had squid!

    Ojingo dobap!

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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