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“Greetings, Maangchi and fellow korean food enthusiasts!”

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Francisco. I live in Houston, Texas with my husband, Del. In the past six months or so we discovered Korean cooking and determined it it was ideal for a healthy lifestyle. We lost weight (we are both a bit plump hee hee) and felt better than ever after making Balanced Korean-style meals a priority.

    In April, we travelled to New Mexico to get Married! It was an awesome experience filled with new foods and lots of great people. However, when we got back, we fell off the wagon and went back to some of our bad habits! We are ready and committed again :)

    I want to thank Maangchi for making interesting, delicious, and fun to cook meals accessible to us! It sure helps that Houston has some great Korean markets stocked with all kinds of great ingredients.

    Much love from Texas to all of yal'll!

  2. Welcome back! Let us know what you are cooking. No pressure! : )

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