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“Hello From Alabama”

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  1. Hi all. My name is CJ. I am a registered nurse/paramedic. I am Native American(Creek Indian) and am also along with my family a Native American dancer and drummer and craft maker. I spent 1 1/2 years in Korea in the late 80's. *87 to 88. I developed a love for Korean food while there. As I live in a very rural area...a good Korean restaurant does not exist so I am hoping to use this site and cook my own. I made the Pogi Kimchi and it was excellent. My whole family is hooked. My family loves the Kimchi as do I. I have also turned on several of my co-workers to it. Anyway...hope to hear from you guys and get some good input. Will post pics of my next batch of Kimchi. Feel free to email me and chat.

  2. Canadian here with Korean parents, interested in food from all backgrounds including Creek. Wondering if there's a dish that is as basic to the Creek Indian diet as kimchi is to the Korean diet? Can Creek food be just as spicy as Korean?
    Also, wondering what brought you to Korea in the 80s? Cheers! Anna

  3. The US Army brought me there. I was stationed in Camp Humphreys while I was there.

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