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“Hello from British Columbia, Canada”

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  • started 2 years ago by somi
  1. I've been silently following maangchi's recipes and learning how to make Korean food. I am Korean and I love to cook. But because my mother doesn't make most Korean foods, I never learned how to make Korean food, and I wasn't even familiar with most Korean foods. I get introduced to korean food by visiting my friend's house and taste their mom's cooking. My brothers are begging for Korean food all the time so whenever I go there, I try to learn a new Korean recipe from Maangchi and experiement on them. They are very very grateful to you Maangchi for teaching their sister how to make authentic Korean food. And I'm so grateful that you make it so easy to follow. I have all your videos on my iphone and study them while I work out or ride on the bus. HAHA. You saved my Korean cooking life! Thank you so so much! xD

  2. P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday. I think I should make maangchi's meok-guk for my birthday celebration!!!! xD

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