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“Hello from Chile!!”

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  • started 4 years ago by NachoM
  1. hey! my name is Ignacio, im 22 and a 3rd year dentistry student. I live far away from home, so i have to daily cook my lunch. Ive first met maanchi's kimchi recipe! then i liked almost every recipe!
    Hugs from chile

  2. Ignacio, do you know of a Korean market in Iquique? If you do please share. I may be in Ignacio starting next week.


  3. Hey... i havent been in Iquique, so i don't know, but Iquique is a Big city, and has a big dutty free area.. so.. i hope you'll be lucky :)
    Come to Valdivia! to the rainy south of chile hahaha

  4. ¡Hola Nacho! ¿Cuáles comidas hiciste? Estoy de acuerdo. Todas son buenísimas.

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