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  1. Hi everyone, I am Nancey and I'm living in the north-central Florida area. I have recently become very interested in Japanese and Korean cooking, and I have made quite a few new things, so I am trying to learn as much as I can! Luckily there is a very good asian market a block from my house, so I don't have trouble finding nice ingredients.

    I stumbled across Maangchi by accident, but I am glad I found the videos and this website and I'll look forward to conversing with you all!


  2. Nancey,
    Welcome! That's great you can find Korean ingredients easily. Happy cooking!

  3. Hello! I am also from Florida. I love Korean cooking and other Asian foods too. But I have a few Korean friends so I am getting a bit more into Korean cooking. I tried my first Emergency Kimchi last and was taken back by the smell of the fish sauce! Yikes!! But I made it. I didn't find the hot pepper flakes so I used Red Pepper flakes. Too spicy for me but my husband loved it! :) I have it in a container waiting a few more days and then i will eat again. I added more sugar to see if I can tame the heat down a bit.

    I was so excited to try the Kimchi that I forgot some salmon and turkey ground beef I had bought at the store and it went bad!! lol But heck, I was happy to have made the kimchi!

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